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Whether you’re selling your home on your own, or are moving your spouse and family, it’s important to sit down to discuss the motivations for the move. Putting your home on the market and getting it sold is quite the process, and it has a lot of fast moving components. Especially based on how desirable your home is, a sale can happen the moment your house goes on the market. 

Planning and evaluating your motivation to move out of your current house will give you a better chance of completing the sale, stress-free. You can have an understanding of what your next steps will be, and can have your agent assist you with the transition into a new home. Discuss with your agent if you will need help finding another home locally, or if you need a referral for an agent who can help you transition comfortably into a new house in a different state/country.

Make sure when it comes time to talking with an agent and putting your house on the market, that you are certain selling is the right decision for you and/or your family. Having cold feet in the middle of a transaction can create legal issues brought on by the buyer, so protect yourself by ensuring the decision to sell is what is best for you in your current situation. Once you have the motivation to take the next step in your life, discuss with your agent how he or she can help you move forward.