Real Estate Blog

A seller’s guide for preparing to list your home. Make sure your home is featured in the best condition to get the best offers!

Check off the list of to-dos as you get through them:

  • Remove as much clutter as possible
  • Replace Light Bulbs Throughout Home
  • Replace Batteries in Smoke Detectors
  • Hire A Professional Cleaning Company
  • Box Up And Store Away Personal Clutter (Put In Storage Unit If Possible)
  • Remove Personal Photos and Artwork
  • Fix Any Holes In Walls
  • Re-Touch Paint Where It’s Needed
  • Remove Furniture That May Take Up Too Much Space
  • Make Sure Dishes Are Always Put Away
  • Make Sure Trash is Always Taken Out, Trash Can Doesn’t Stink
  • Keep All Beds Throughout Home Made
  • Keep Closets Organized, Items Stored Away (Buyer’s Want To See The Size)
  • Make Minor Repairs Throughout Home (Dents, Holes, Scratches, etc.)
  • Replace Missing Hardware (I.e. Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinets/Drawers)
  • Make Sure Yard Debris Is Cleaned Up
  • Store Away Outside Content (I.e. Toys, Lawn Mowers, etc.)
  • Add Some Plants Throughout Home To Freshen It Up
  • Add Some Curb Appeal To The Front Of Your Home (First Thing Buyers See)
  • Hide Any Pet Supplies During Shows (I.e. Litterbox, Food, etc.)
  • Remove Any Pet Odors, Or Any Other Odors, In All Rooms

To ensure you get top dollar for your home, you want to make sure it’s in the best condition for buyers who preview the property. By removing personal content and keeping the home as immaculate as possible, you give buyer’s the ability to view your home as their own, leading to a much faster sale!